After the death of John Bonham, Led Zeppelin disbanded in December of 1980.

In April of 1981, Jimmy Page met with his new neighbor, Chris Squire from Yes, about making some new music.

Yes had fallen apart as well, after their Drama tour.

Trevor Horn (from the Buggles and, later, the Art of Noise) was their new singer.

It didn’t work, although his voice was a great fit for Jon Anderson’s stuff.

Anyway, Chris Squire, Jimmy Page, and Yes drummer Alan White, all got together and started recording music.

To date, 4 songs for a total of 27 mins have made their way into the underground. 

The interesting thing about these songs, is that they’ve all been used as Yes songs, or (in one instance) a Firm song. 


Jimmy Page: "Chris had this wonderful name for it - XYZ, because it was ex-Yes and ex-Zeppelin. Then it was clear that the person who was mediating was approaching Robert (Plant) as to whether he would like to come down and have a listen. Of course, he wasn't interested at all.

"But I'll tell you the material was good. I have the multi-tracks. I hope they see the light of day."