Formerly Cyril Davies' band that featured a host of highly talented musicians including Dick Heckstall Smith, Nicky Hopkins and Alexis Korner.

Both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page had jammed with him live and after Jimmy left Neil Christian was offered a full time position (which he refused due to ill health).

In January 1964 Davies died of leukemia with vocalist Long John Baldry forming his own band.

In 1965 an old line up comprising of Carlo Little, Nicky Hopkins and Cliff Barton were joined for a "Tribute" session by both Page and Beck.

Jimmy wrote and arranged five songs:
"Down In The boots", "L.A. Breakdown", "Steelin'", "Chuckles" and "Piano Shuffle".

Jimmy took on lead guitar for the first two listed and the last track was co-written with Nicky Hopkins.

The tracks have only appeared on various artists compilation albums.