Jimmy Page jammed with him at a Connick concert in Miami in 1992.

"I'd been listening to his music, and I was keen to see what his concert would be like," says Page

who was in Miami working on a new album.

"We met before the concert, and Harry said, 'You should come up and play,' and I laughed.

But I was sitting in the audience, and he suddenly said, 'We've got a really good friend here.... C'mon, Jimmy, come up and play with us.'

I went up, and he put a guitar in my hands and said, 'Go ahead, it's your band.'

So I did an improvised blues in B flat. I was so nervous!

And he went over to the brass section and started singing these licks and cued them in.

" Would Page consider an encore? "

"Oh, yes, but I'll bring my own guitar the next time."